Planday Office Design

About the project

A space where better relationships are built.

My responsibility as Director of Brand & Creative at Planday included finding our office locations in London, Oslo and HQ in Copenhagen and direct the interior design and fitting from a branding and workspace environment perspective.

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The solution

An office must ascertain special requirements within departments and weave them into the space plan.

Encourage collaboration, communication and camaraderie among staff. 

Accommodate a number of different, agile working styles, including informal meeting areas, hubs, touchdown spaces and conventional meeting rooms. 

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We found a historical building that was up for a total restoration, which gave us the possibility to design and create the office we needed for both future growth and optimal collaboration between employees and teams.  

My vision was to create a space where better relationships are built, and a design of the space that enabled us to host recurring Customer events, Townhall meetings and ”Big Room Planning”, and at the same time create working zones for better collaboration across teams. Our Danish design DNA that we've incorporated into our digital material was carried out in our office design and choice of furniture as well.

Budget tracking and spending was also a key part of the project.

Planday Office Design
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