Creative HUMAN based in Copenhagen, Denmark

I AM A passionate people and design leader, with a creative and empathetic leadership mindset, and track record of defining, implementing and executing on a strong brand vision AND UX STRATEGY across multiple platforms in my teams as well as INDIVIDUALLY


This is me — Been working with digital design and concepts for major international brands and clients since 1998, such as:

Microsoft, HSBC, Barclays, UK Ministry of Defence, UN, NASA, Pepsi, Politiken, Sony, Carlsberg, Danske Bank, The Danish Ministry of Defense, Milestone Systems, Sitecore,, SAAB, Jabra and many many more.

These are just some of the coolest ones to make my profile look hot.

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I excel in product marketing by strategically identifying target audiences, conducting insightful market research, crafting compelling and innovative campaigns across various digital channels, and utilizing data analysis to measure success and refine strategies for continuous improvement.
My expertise in branding is evident in combination with creative storytelling, visual aesthetics, and strategic consistency, creating a compelling and memorable brand identity that resonates with your target audience.
UX Design
My proficiency in UX design shines through intuitive understanding of user behaviour, meticulous attention to detail in seamless and visually appealing interfaces, and a commitment to enhancing overall user satisfaction through thoughtful and user-centric design solutions.
A strong product strategy is evident in the ability to seamlessly align market insights with business goals, ensuring a clear and innovative roadmap that not only anticipates industry trends but also positions your products strategically for sustained growth and success.


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Experiences That Resonate

Stories — Hear firsthand accounts and praise from clients, witnessing the transformative power of my design, user experience, and branding expertise.

I've had the pleasure of working with Flemming on several projects at Microsoft and he has consistently delivered superb results on time. He has the ability to quickly understand the task at hand and run with it right away.

Director of Design, Cloud +AI at Microsoft

Flemming has a sharp eye for great graphic design, and blends attention to detail with potent creativity. On top of that, Flemming is a great sparring partner when discussing design issues and working together on a project.

Senior Manager User Experience, Products at Milestone Systems

Flemming's expertise and skills are extraordinary.
Every creation, be it web site design, print, icons or whichever designrelated job, is made with amazing care and sense of details.

Frontend Developer at Loomis-Pay

I worked with Flemming on several user interface projects, and received a very creative and high quality service.

Product Manager at Visma