UNDP - Don't Choose Extinction

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About the project

I created the brand and led product and design, for the global climate campaign “Don’t Choose Extinction”, in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Global Mindpool is a platform that connects the United Nations Development Program with citizens worldwide through the Don’t Choose Extinction programme.

The Don’t Choose Extinction campaign features a collective intelligence platform, the Global Mindpool, to help tackle the most important issues of our time. Linking insights from around the world - on the climate emergency, the crisis in nature and inequality – the Global Mindpool will support UNDP to better inform and equip policy makers in government, civil society, and the private sector.

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The solution

Highlights of our solution for the United Nations

Responsible for driving product engagement across all stakeholders driving the product roadmap and strategy.

Established a customer centric and design driven product strategy.

Overseeing a consistent user experience across all customer touch points in Product, Sales and Marketing.

Responsible for creating a frontend component library and UI design system for worldwide partners to use.

Designed the Global Mindpool brand and led product and design, for the global climate campaign “Don’t Choose Extinction”.

Responsible for brand and platform in the launch the Global Mindpool and Don’t Choose Extinction campaign at WebSummit and COP26 with the campaign video having over 5 bn views globally.

Helped execute on the vision of great user experience & design leading to the acquisition of the Mindpool platform and company by the UK based innovation management company, Wazoku.

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A few key highlights of the result of the global campaign

800 million views of the film across all platforms and in multiple languages

340 million views of the film in China alone, with it also going viral in locations across the globe including, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Israel 

53 UNDP Country Offices adapted the film for their local contexts and voice-over recordings were produced in 38 languages 

Over 3,000 media mentions secured with a potential reach of 4.7 billion

Media in 98 countries covered the campaign across Africa, Asia, the Arab States, Latin America, Europe, the US and Canada

1.47 billion impressions recorded on social media
UNDP - Don't Choose Extinction
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