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PepsiCo needed a completely new site for their main brand in Denmark, PepsiMax. Together with Krogh&Co we conceptualized, designed and developed a fresh site, which keeps expanding along with Pepsi’s new sponsorships and activities in Denmark.

We used advanced Flash scripting and 3D Papervision to tie the knot between the Pepsi site and social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. By filtering Twitter content with Pepsi related feeds, consumers and Pepsi aficionados help keeping the site updated with fresh feeds at a rate within only a few seconds.
With this tight social media integration we also pull Pepsi content from YouTube and Flickr and furthermore let our site users push comments and competitions to their own Facebook walls.

The site has garnered quite a lot of attention because of the ability for users to say anything they want about the brand, be it via Twitter, Flickr, YouTube or directly on the site, and push their comments on the site to their friends in Facebook.
Bold move from Pepsi indeed!

You can read a few articles about the buzz the site created right here:


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